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Excellent Upgrade Option

From one of the top brands for aftermarket car audio products, the Alpine SXE-1726S is an excellent upgrade option from your factory 6.5-inch two-way car speakers if you do not want to break. Belonging to one of the most affordable product lines of Alpine, the SXE Series, the SXE-1726S can deliver the full-range frequency output you may be looking for without breaking the bank.


Comes With a Nano Fiber Cone

Alpine SXE-1726S’ woofer comes with a Nano Fiber cone and a foam surround, ensuring that you get the powerful and accurate bass output that you are dreaming of while still having the durability to withstand the stress that comes from long hours of use at high volume levels.


Deliver a Powerful Full-range Frequency Performance

It has a 1-inch carbon graphite tweeter with a dome design as well to ensure you'd get the smooth and natural highs that Alpine speakers are known for with a minimal breakup, even if you are to crank up the audio source's volume. With the help of ferrite magnets, the Alpine SXE-1726S can surely deliver a powerful full-range frequency performance at a budget-friendly price point.


Sensitivity Rate of 92 Db

Alpine SXE-1726S’ frequency response of 60 Hz to 20 kHz and sensitivity rate of 92 dB allows the speaker to go loud with minimal distortion at high volume levels. The SXE-1726S can also deliver a continuous power output of 40 Watts per speaker and peak power of 220 Watts at 4 ohms.

Alpine SXE-1726S 6.5" SXE Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers


    • Peak Power: 220 Watts
    • RMS Power: 40 Watts
    • Size: 6.5"
    • Neodymium Magnet
    • Mylar-Titanium Balanced Dome Tweeter
    • Ferrite Magnet
    • Long Fibre Natural Pulp Cone
    • High Polymer Foam Edge
    • Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
    • Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m
    • Bass Engine Ready
    • Mounting Depth: 46.5mm

    • 6.5" Diameter
    • Peak Power 220W
    • RMS Power 40W
    • 4 Ohms Impedance
    • Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
    • Sensitivity: 92dB/W/m
    • Neodymium Magnet
    • Mylar-Titanium Balanced Dome Tweeter
    • Ferrite Magnet
    • Long Fiber Natural Pulp Cone
    • High Polymer Foam Edge


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