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Palm-sized command of your Alpine radio.


Your Alpine receiver's the pride of your dash, and you love showing it off at the block party or tailgate. But what fun is it if you can't mingle with the crowd while blasting your tunes? Alpine's compact RUE-4360 remote control gives you wireless command of your remote-ready Alpine stereo from a distance, so you can change the vibe without having to sit back down in the front seat.


You can take charge of basic receiver functions with this remote, plus a few extras you might not find on other remotes, including:

  • Subwoofer level up/down
  • Track repeat and random playback of audio files from USB
  • Siri® voice assistant activation on a paired iPhone or voice recognition mode (where applicable)
  • Phone functions including picking up, rejecting, or hanging up on calls from paired smartphones
  • Audio processor adjustments with select compatible external processors
  • Defeat on/off so you can apply tone controls via a separate EQ or processor


Alpine includes a replaceable CR2025 battery installed in this remote. Dimensions: 1-5/8" x 4" x 9/16". Warranty: 1 year.


Compatibility: The RUE-4360 IR remote control is compatible with select Alpine head units that are wireless remote ready and feature a front-panel IR receiver. Compatible Alpine head units include in-dash CD receivers, digital media receiver, digital multimedia receivers, and navigation receivers.


Note: If you are using a steering wheel control adapter with one of these Alpine receivers, then the IR remote control will not function. Plugging in a SWC adapter to one of the Alpine receivers will disable the IR remote function.


IR (Infrared): The RUE-4360 uses IR (Infrared) to wirelessly send command signals to your compatible Alpine head unit. The remote needs to be pointed at the IR receiver on the front of your compatible Alpine head unit.

Alpine RUE-4360 Wireless Remote Control


    Controls: The Alpine RUE-4360 features 20 push-buttons that provide a variety of control functions (not all functions will work with all compatible head units).

    • Power
    • Mute
    • Source
    • Band
    • Volume Up/Down
    • Sub Volume Up/Down
    • Phone Answer/End
    • Play/Pause
    • Previous/Next Track or Station
    • Previous/Next Folder or Preset
    • Repeat Track
    • Random Tracks
    • Siri & Voice Recognition (if applicable)
    • Defeat
    • Audio Processor

    Battery Powered: The Alpine RUE-4360 remote control is powered by a single CR2025 3V battery that comes pre-installed.

    Dimensions: 1.655" (w) x 0.565" (h) x 3.955" (d)

    Weight: 1.2 oz


    What's in the box:

    • Owner's manual
    • IR remote control
    • CR2025 3V battery (pre-installed)
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