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Alpine PXE-C80-88 OPTIM™8 8-Channel Sound Processor and Amplifier with Automatic Sound Tuning.  The groundbreaking Alpine OPTIM™8 is the ultimate all-in-one solution designed to effortlessly optimize and amplify any sound system with remarkable precision.




Enhance your sound system with the Alpine OPTIM™8. Featuring a built-in 8-channel amplifier with Hi-Res Audio playback up to 96kHz/24Bit, the OPTIM™8 is the all-in-one sound solution to amplify and effortlessly sound-tune your system in minutes.




The Alpine OPTIM™8 removes all the complexities of tuning a sound system by providing a simple, self-guided process via the OPTIM IOS App (iPhone/iPad) or PC App with the KTX-CSP1 External Mic kit (sold separately) to quickly and precisely measure your vehicle's interior. This innovative Auto-EQ software analyzes your vehicle’s acoustic environment and intelligently adjusts to optimize the audio output for your vehicle and provide the best possible listening experience. Manufactured under license rights from Eilex International, LLC. Eilex PRISM and VIR Filter are trademarks of Eilex International, LLC.



Alpine PXE-C80-88 OPTIM™8 8-Channel Sound Processor & Amplifier


    • 8-channel car amplifier with digital signal processing
    • 50 watts RMS x 6 + 150 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms
    • 50 watts RMS x 6 + 300 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohmsHigh
    • Resolution Class D amp technology
    • Frequency response: 10-48,000 Hz
    • Settings and adjustments made via Alpine's DSP control app automatically on your iPhone and automatically or manually on your PC device
    • Hi-Res Audio Playback (96kHz/24Bit) 
    • Intuitive Realtime Sound Set-Up with 5 Minute Vehicle Self-Tuning  
    • Manual & Automatic Sound Tuning with PC App Control  
    • Automatic Sound Tuning with iPhone App (must be iPhone 10 or newer)  
    • Anti-EQ for OEM System (Eliminates Factory EQ Curve) 
    • Auto-EQ with APVD Collection which Quickly Creates a Flat Vehicle Response 
    • Compatible with the KTX-CSP1 PC Mic Tuning Kit (sold separately)  

    • 8-Channel High-Level/ 6-Channel RCA Audio Signal/Bluetooth® Audio Input  
    • 31 Band Parametric & Graphic EQ, Time Correction on all 8 channels 
    • Outputs: 8-Channel 4V RCA 
    • Digital Inputs: Coax, USB (DAC) 
    • Speaker Input: Up to 30V 
    • Built-In Internal Amplifier: 50W x 6 @ 4Ω + 150W x 2 @ 4Ω or 50W x 6 @ 2Ω + 300W x 2 @ 2Ω (4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz, 10% THD) 


    What's in the box:

    • Alpine PXE-C80-88 owner's manual
    • 8-Channel processor/amplifier (installed 40A mini-ATO fuse)
    • CSP Controller (attached 16" cable with 4-pin connector)
    • 16.25' Controller cable (4-pin connector on one end / RJ-12 connector on other end)
    • KCE-800BT Bluetooth module (attached 6" cable terminated in an RJ-45 connector)
    • 5' USB-A cable (2.0)
    • 6" 20-Pin input harness
    • 6" 12-Pin output harness
    • 2 Mounting plates
    • Four 3/4" pan-head screws
    • Ten 6mm counter-sunk machine screws
    • Quickstart guide (En/ Sp/ Fr/ Others)
    • Warranty information
    • Product registration information
    • Quickstart addendum
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