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If you own a compatible Alpine multimedia receiver, you'll need Alpine's KCX-C250MC selector to take full advantage of its video capability by connecting up to three cameras (not included). Once installed, the KCX-C250MC gives you the ability to switch between Alpine Direct rear-, front-, and side-view cameras using the touchscreen on your receiver, a great help for parking, towing, and more.

Alpine KCX-C250MC Multi-Camera Touchscreen Selector Interface


    Multi-Camera Selector Interface: The Alpine KCX-C250MC Multi-Camera Selector Interface allows as many as three camera systems (Front, Rear, & Side) to be connected to and controlled from select Alpine in-dash navigation receivers.

    Head Unit Compatibility: The Multi-Camera Selector Interface is compatible with very select 2016-up Alpine head units -

    • Multimedia Receivers: X108U, X109D, iLX507*, iLX-F509*, and iLX-F511*
    • Navigation Receivers: INE-W967HD, INE-W977HD, or INE-W987HD
    • Vehicle Specific Receivers: X110-SLV, X110-SRA, i509-WRA-JK*, and i509-WRA-JL*

    • Multi-camera selector interface for use with select Alpine receivers
    • 3 proprietary inputs: compatible with up to three select Alpine Direct cameras
    • Select camera view from receiver's touchscreen
    • Includes required video and power cables
    • Warranty: 1 year

    Camera Compatibility: The KCX-C250MC allows you to connect up to 3 cameras (Rear, Front, & Side). You can connect 3 proprietary Alpine cameras (see accessory list) or connect a combination of Alpine and other brands of cameras (adapters required).

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