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Alpine ALP-HRN-CAMCH Camera Input Harness for Factory 2007-2017  Jeep® Wrangler JK  Radio with Display.  If you are pleased with the factory display in your 2007-Up Jeep Wrangler JK, but still want to connect an Alpine rear view camera, now you can.


If you have your eye on a gussied-up aftermarket rear-view camera but still love the Jeep Wrangler factory radio in your dash, Alpine's HRN-CAMCH harness makes them a perfect match. Plug your camera's composite video cable into the HRN-CAMCH, which plugs into the vehicle-specific input on the back of your Wrangler's radio, and you've got video on your factory screen. Dealership activation may be required.

Alpine ALP-HRN-CAMCH Camera Input Harness for Factory 2007-17 Jeep® Wrangler


    The ALP-HRN-CAMCH Wrangler JK specific custom harness is the correct length (4-foot RCA Input Cable) to reach down to the passenger side kick panel where the connection is made. It is a perfect match for the Jeep Wrangler specific Spare Tire Rear View Camera System (HCE-TCAM1-WRA). It also works with any Alpine rear view camera system that has a universal connection, like the HCE-C114, HCE-C125, or the HCE-C305R. After installation, the factory radio will require programming to activate the camera input. Programming to open the camera input required by your local Jeep dealership.


    • Estimated Installation Time: 0.5 Hours 

    (Professional Installation Recommended)

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