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Alpine 30MC 3-Inch Midrange Component Speakers.   The 30MC 3-Inch Midrange Component Speaker can be installed in most 2-way component systems to capture midrange frequencies and elevate the vehicle’s sound system performance.




Often in a 2-way component system, there’s a dip in the midrange frequencies reproduced between the door speaker and where the tweeter crosses into the passband. This can cause the music to miss most of the instruments and vocals that are found in the midrange frequency.


The 30MC Midrange Component Speaker captures the higher midrange frequencies by integrating a dynamic third dimension into the sound system that seamlessly blends between the door speaker and tweeter. This brings the vocal element up, setting the vehicle’s sound stage to the optimal position of front and center.  




The 30MC includes two small and sleek speakers that measure 3-inches with a mounting depth of 1 5/16-inch. The slim mounting depth allows for easy installation into most vehicle applications.


While this product is not a “direct-fit” solution for any vehicle (some installation may require vehicle-specific adapter plates) it can be professionally installed in a dash, A-pillars, or doors to capture midrange frequencies and project the sound to the front and center of the vehicle. 



Alpine 30MC 3-Inch Midrange Component Speakers


    • (2) 3-inch Speakers  
    • High-Strength Cast Aluminum Basket 
    • Polypropylene Cone 
    • Rubber Surround 

    What's in the box:

    • Alpine 30MC owner's manual
    • 2 Midrange speakers
    • Warranty information
    • Important Notice
    • On-line product registration information
    • Templates and specs on box

    • Max RMS Power Capacity: 50W RMS 
    • Peak Power Capacity: 150W RMS 
    • Cone Material: Polypropylene  
    • Magnet Type: Ferrite 
    • Resonant Frequency Response: 125 Hz 
    • X-max: 2.5mm 
    • Frequency Response: 100Hz-20kHz 
    • Sensitivity: 84dB (1W / 1m) 
    • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohm 
    • Terminal Type: Male Quick Disconnects 
    • Mounting Depth: 1 5/16-inch 
    • Cutout Diameter: 2 1/2-inch 
    • Outer Diameter: 3.1-inch 
    • Crossover: (Not Included) DSP Recommended 
    • Crossover Recommendation: BP Filter (Low = 250Hz @ -12dB/Oct) (High = 2.4kHz @ 12dB/Oct) 
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